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    VDI Advanced Instructor Certification

    Welcome to the online preview for Verbal Defense & Influence’s Advanced Certification program for 2014!

    Our programs continue to improve and expand every day, and as a trainer in your organization the skills you are teaching your colleagues are invaluable for creating a respectful work environment and keeping everyone safe. The Advanced Verbal Defense & Influence Certification offers a chance for you to further hone your skills as a trainer and add to your professional credentials.

    These pre-modules offer a condensed version of the major updates to the curriculum and terminology and will prepare you to begin training as soon as you walk in the classroom door.

    First, you will review the key ideas of our Communicating Under Pressure framework with our director of training, Gary T. Klugiewicz, and our media director Ben Merens. Each of these segments is a 20-30 minute audio discussion.

    Then, you'll be introduced to some concepts that are very new in our training. VDI Consultant Joel Lashley will share his story of how "social contracts" can create environments that are incompatible with violence, and our curriculum director Dr. Colin Hahn will explain how we've expanded our teaching methodology with Emotionally Safe Performance-Driven Instruction. Both of these video clips are just over 5 minutes long.

    When you have reviewed all of the pre-modules, you will take a 12 question short answer quiz to verify that you have completed the pre-work.

    We look forward to seeing you Nov. 6-8 in Louisville!