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    VDI Practitioner Course - March, 2015

    Hello All, Gary Klugiewicz here. I am excited to start the Verbal Defense and Influence Practitioner Course with you on Wednesday March 11 for six weeks!

    Each Wednesday night class will consist of two modules. The first module will begin at 7pm and include a 20 minute webinar, followed up by a 15 minute phone conference to ask questions and review material. Then, after a 10 minute break, we will start up again with the second module - a 20 minute webinar and 15 minute phone conference.

    The 12 course modules are listed below, and can be accessed in the menu on the left. Each module will be unlocked the day of its presentation.

    Practitioner Course Modules - The practitioner course will be based around the Communicating Under Pressure Card

    1. Introduction + Communicating Under Pressure Card Overview
    2. Social Contracts
    3. Be Alert & Decisive | Respond, Don't React
    4. Five Maxims
    5. Showtime Mindset | Universal Greeting
    6. Beyond Active Listening
    7. Redirection
    8. Persuasion Sequence
    9. When Words Alone Fail
    10. Bystander Mobilization
    11. Debriefing | Review & Report
    12. Program Review, Takeaways | Moving Forward.