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    Verbalization Training Program For Law Enforcement

    End-user (8 hours) of Verbal Defense and Influence covers non-escalation and de-escalation communication and tactics to prevent and/or minimize potential for physical altercations during police encounters.

    Conducting the course is Gary Klugiewicz, a nationally recognized and highly reputable law enforcement trainer who has been instrumental in the development of the State of Wisconsin Disturbance Resolution Model. Built and improved upon for over 30 years, this proven law enforcement module, and superior to any competitor training, is the only training program that teaches people how to respond in an effective manner during stressful interactions – instead of impulsively reacting. In addition, even in the absence of stress, our training improves an individual’s interpersonal and persuasion skills, self-confidence in dealing with others and ability to maintain emotional and physical safety.

    The training will benefit your agency because it will reduce customer complaints, reduce litigation, improve employee morale, and improve collaboration.