Conflict Management for Contact Professionals (London, UK)

Non-Escalation, De-Escalation and Crisis Intervention for Contact Professionals Five-Day Instructor Certification Important: We have developed a BLENDED format for our certifications. There is an online pre-work component that must be completed prior to attending this class. —————- Summary This five-day course certifies individuals as instructors for Vistelar’s Conflict Management for Contact Professionals training programme, so they are authorized to teach this program within their organization. This course covers important aspects of conflict management: non-escalation (conflict prevention), de-escalation and crisis intervention tactics — but not physical alternative tactics (control, stabilization, non-lethal/lethal weapons). The training is focused on how to identify, manage and resolve conflict at the point of impact — the short period of time when a disagreement or insult can escalate to conflict and on to emotional and/or physical violence. This will include advanced material from our Point-of-Impact Crisis Intervention programmes which will include additional material on responding to persons on the autism spectrum and other brain-based illnesses including dementia. —————- Like all Vistelar’s courses, this course is taught from the perspective of the entire spectrum of human conflict (Vistelar’s “6 Cs” : Context, Contact, Conflict, Crisis, Combat and Closure) and is easily integrated into existing training and policies/procedures of an organization. Another focus on … Continue reading Conflict Management for Contact Professionals (London, UK)