closure-6cs-posterThe Closure element of the 6 Cs Framework includes all follow-through considerations, including assessing everyone’s well-being, establishing a strong foundation for the next interaction and reviewing/reporting on the incident. Here the goal is to achieve the best possible outcome and end the interaction in a better place than where it started.

Applicable Tactics

Depending on the situation, all of Vistelar’s conflict management tactics could be used during the Closure element of an interaction. Tactics specific to the Closure element include debriefing, reporting and making sure you take care of yourself following an incident.

Be aware that many of the Closure tactics you learned in this program can be applied during the Contact, Conflict, Crisis elements of the 6 Cs Framework (e.g., Summarize tactic, individualized thank you, expressing hope of a positive future interaction).

In the following units, three Closure situations are presented. Please review each scenario, answer the associated question(s) and then study the Summary at the end.