Scenario 1

In the Foundation module, you were introduced to the Empathy Triad:

  1. Acknowledge their perspective
  2. See the world through their eyes
  3. Anticipate their needs

Empathy is a best practice that drives the effectiveness of all Vistelar conflict management tactics. Here is an example of its application.


Imagine walking into an urgent care clinic with an injured foot.

You are tired, hurting and don’t know anything about dealing with a bleeding cut. You meet the caregiver and he/she says something like, "Boy, that looks like it hurts" (acknowledge your perspective).

Then, the caregiver spends the time to learn as much as possible about you and your situation — with the goal of fully and accurately understanding your needs, wants and desires so he/she can treat you the way you want to be treated, as if you were them and in the exact same circumstances (see the world through your eyes).

Then, the caregiver takes Empathy to the next level by considering what you’ll be thinking or feeling the next day or later – so they can treat you the way you don’t even know you want to be treated. They would offer you a flu shot because you’re due for one (anticipate your needs).

When you return home you see on the evening news that there is a flu epidemic and, as a result of the caregiver anticipating your needs, you are a very happy patient.