It’s quite possible to do everything well up to the end of an interaction and still NOT achieve the best possible outcome, if the Closure step is handled incorrectly. How an interaction ends can actually be more important than what happened during the interaction.

By doing everything else you've learned in this program, you will have established a great foundation for a successful Closure. However, your job isn't over — here are some additional tactics to use during this phase of an interaction:

  • Use the Summarize tactic  “Let me see if we both understand what was decided” … and then provide a detailed summary of what was agreed to in terms of a resolution or next steps.
  • Thank the person using an individualized, rather than a scripted, response. Treat people as human beings rather than as a number. Note how the gatekeeper did this in the second video.
  • If an interaction has gone badly, express hope that your next interaction will be a more pleasant encounter.
  • Reflect on your performance and debrief the situation, either informally or formally, with the sole goal of improving future performance. When debriefing, follow these three steps:
    • Is everyone OK?
    • What went well?
    • What was learned?
  • Write an incident report if your position or the incident requires it.
  • Take care of yourself. If the stresses of dealing with conflict are impacting you, find someone to talk with or seek counseling.